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I want to live in the present. The long-term thoughts keep us prisoners and compromise our capacity to live the moment.

Few days ago, leafing through the pages of a magazine partly dedicated to the Fuorisalone of Milan, I bumped into this thought. I liked it, underlined it, but moslty, I found it perfectly suitable according to the philosophy of the blog. Never would I have thought to have the chance of meeting the author of those words… nor of interviewing him.

He is nothing less than Karim Rashid. Worlwide designer. Winner of uncountable awards. Artist of works exhibited at the MoMA (among some museums).



Living in the present. Does it have an effect on the spaces you live in?

That doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything old at home. I have very little old things that are very precious to me, as memories: a radio from when I was 7 years old, my first e-track from Sanyo, a pink telephone from 1965 that belonged to my parents. So, few objects, but in general, the majority of them are contemporary, because I want to exist and think in a contemporary way. I want to be here now. I don’t really want to live in the past.

About your house in Manhattan. The predominant brand?

90% Karim Rashid.



Designer Luca Boffi e Karim Rashid

Does your family contribute to inspire your works?

Well, inspiration is a big word. Everybody around me is inspiring me in one way or another. Of course I love my family: my wife comments a lot of the things I do, and she helps me think about it. But in general, I’m very interested in social human behaviour. What inspires me is just observing people everyday. What they do, how they live. And the other thing that is inspiration to me is technology, which I think is a fantastic opportunity to create new things and it gives you the chance to continously innovate.


Karim Rashid and me

Victoria Sandomenico